Priority is given to emergency and commercial vessels.  Passage is free to all vessels.  Both large and small locks are open 24/7 daily, except during annual maintenance or repairs. ..see short video noted below.

On a busy summer weekend, both locks are jammed full of vessels of all sizes including kayaks and large ocean tugs....quite the scene.   Sometimes the difference in water levels at low tide can be around 3 stories, which is quite dramatic as well.

The Large Lock Chamber can handle a 760 long x 80 ft. wide vessel.

The Small Lock Chamber handles boats under a 100 ft.

The Small Lock Chamber is the easier to navigate as you just tie up to the side walls that float up or down.

  • website has excellent detailed information for boaters or you can get a boating brochure in the Locks visitor center.
  • You can contact the Lockmaster Control Tower on Marine Channel #13 or 206-783-7000   (24 hrs per day)

Note:  If  you and another boater are involved in an incident, please exchange insurance information and work it out with each other.  As a federal agency we do not get involved.